Exploring Innovation: MultiMiner at PDAC 2024

In March of this year, MultiMiner embarked on an exciting journey to PDAC 2024, the world’s premier mineral exploration and mining convention, held in Toronto, Canada. This event served as a platform for showcasing the advancements made in the European mining sector, with MultiMiner joining forces with other European Commission projects to highlight the innovative strides being made in the industry.

The European Commission was represented well at PDAC by 13 related projects.

At PDAC 2024, we had the opportunity to engage with a diverse array of stakeholders from around the globe, providing us with invaluable insights and perspectives. Meeting our international colleagues reinforced the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in driving progress within the mining sector.

Michaela Frei, representing MultiMiner, along with colleagues from other EC mining projects.

One of the key objectives of our presence at PDAC was to emphasise the advantages of innovation in mining to PDAC’s audience. Through discussions, presentations, and demonstrations, we showcased how innovative technologies and approaches, championed by projects like MultiMiner, are revolutionising traditional mining practices.

The convention served as fertile ground for exchanging ideas, forging partnerships, and exploring opportunities for collaboration. It was inspiring to see the enthusiasm and dedication of industry professionals towards embracing innovation and sustainability in mining.

As we reflect on our experience at PDAC 2024, we are energised by the potential for positive change within the mining sector. MultiMiner remains committed to driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and shaping the future of sustainable mining practices in Europe and beyond.