The MultiMiner Consortium

MultiMiner is a pan-European consortium consisting of 12 partners and 1 associated partner from research institutes, academia, consulting businesses and mining industry with interdisciplinary backgrounds in geology, remote sensing and machine learning.


Geological Survey
of Finland

Geological Survey of Finland | Geologian tutkimuskeskus | GTK

GTK is an expert in minerals, groundwater, aggregates, geothermal energy and other geological resources. Our operations support the growth and innovations of the Finnish economy through the developing and sustainable use of natural resources. GTK’s operations are based on high-quality research and strong partnerships.

To the MultiMiner consortium GTK brings long-term experience in mine site monitoring, exploration of critical raw materials and use of EO techniques in these activities. GTK acts as the overall project coordinator, including coordination of the ground truth activities at Siilinjärvi test site. GTK is acting as a data advisor with a data professional in the project team.   


Technical Research Centre of Finland

Technical Research Centre of Finland | TEKNOLOGIAN TUTKIMUSKESKUS VTT OY | VTT

VTT is one of Europe’s leading research institutions. They are owned by the Finnish state. They advance the utilisation and commercialisation of research and technology in commerce and society. Through scientific and technological means, they turn large global challenges into sustainable growth for businesses and society.

In MultiMiner, VTT focuses primarily on developing novel approaches for the timely monitoring of mine activities with a special focus on environment (vegetation, water and dust).  




Nordkalk is a Finnish company specialising in the mining and processing of limestone-based products. They are a major player in the field of calcium-based minerals and products, with a focus on sustainability and responsible resource management.

In the context of the MultiMiner project, Nordkalk's involvement contributes to research and exploration related to critical raw materials and sustainable mining practices. They bring their expertise in the mining and processing of minerals to the consortium, helping to advance the project's goals of enhancing Europe's access to essential raw materials while prioritising environmental sustainability.


Hellenic Survey of Geology and Mineral Exploration

Hellenic Survey of Geology and Mineral Exploration | ELLINIKI ARCHI GEOLOGIKON KAI METALLEFTIKON EREVNON | HSGME

The mission of the Hellenic Geological and Mining Research Authority is based on the defense of the public interest through the scientific documentation and monitoring of geological and mining issues and assistance in all matters of exploring the underground wealth of the Earth. Established for over 100 years, HSGME is a leader in future developments in the mining sector.

In MultiMiner, HSGME focuses on acquiring both earth-observation and ground-based data, that feeds into and demonstrates the novel data-processing algorithms, respectively, at the Kallyntiri test site. 


European Science Foundation


ESF – Science Connect is a non-profit organisation that supports scientific research across Europe by providing high-quality, independent science operations to the European Research Area. Their core activities include Research Project Grant Evaluation, coordination of European projects, funding programmes and administration of scientific platforms. They have considerable background acting as ‘Project Office’ for EC projects, and coordinating a wide range of pan-European scientific initiatives, programmes and H2020 projects.

ESF is leading the communication efforts of the MultiMiner project by way of promoting the work and ensuring the uptake of results.


Czech Geological Survey

Czech Geological Survey | CESKA GEOLOGICKA SLUZBA | CGS

The task of the Czech Geological Survey, established in 1919, is to provide the state geological service for Czechia. The Czech Geological Survey has the statutory responsibility to gather, store and interpret geological information so that the state administration can take appropriate decisions about national economic and environmental issues. It provides the results of systematic regional geological mapping and investigation to all interested persons.

In MultiMiner CGS is participating in concept development of the algorithms, and water quality and dust monitoring algorithms. In CGS participates in field work by measuring critical raw material spectra for the spectral library and will participate in dissemination activities. 


University of Leoben


Established in 1840, The Montanuniversität Leoben in Austria is the country's leading university for mining, metallurgy and materials. Their actions are based on five core values: energy efficiency, climate neutrality, sustainability, zero waste and circular design.

MUL contributes scientific expertise in ore deposit research, with magnesite deposits having been a strong research focus in the past. MUL provides mineralogical and chemical analyses and geological expertise on magnesite deposits demanded for ground-truthing and demonstration at the Hochfilzen test site.


Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources

Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources | BUNDESANSTALT FUER GEOWISSENSCHAFTEN UND ROHSTOFFE | BGR

The Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources is committed to sustainable use of natural resources and protection of the human habitat. They advise ministries and the European Community and act as partners in industry and science, as a neutral partner. The leading motive of their daily work is improvement of living conditions by sustainable use of geo-potentials.

In the MultiMiner project BGR is aiding in the goal developing ‘Scalable mineral prospectivity tools’ based on multi-source RS and in situ data and novel weakly supervised-unsupervised methods. Integrated 3D mine site inventory monitoring, and active in ground truth activities, and mine site demonstrations.  


GeoSphere Austria


GeoSphere Austria is based on the merger of the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG), founded in 1851, the national weather and earthquake service and the Geological Federal Institute (GBA), founded in 1849, as a geological service. It contributes to increasing national resilience and crisis resilience, improving the operational readiness of authorities and emergency organizations in the event of a disaster, to secure the geological, geophysical, climatological and meteorological foundations of life and economy in Austria, to deal with climate change and its consequences in a precautionary manner, and to promote sustainable development in Austria.

The GBA strengthens the MultiMiner consortium through its many years of experience in geological mapping, exploration of critical raw material deposits and geophysical exploration methods. In MultiMiner, GBA has an active research role and takes over the internal coordination of the joint activities of all Austrian partners.  

Basic RGB

Hellas Gold S.A

Hellas Gold S.A | HG

Hellas Gold has been operating since 2012 as a subsidiary of the Canadian Eldorado Gold Corporation, a mining company with more than 25 years of experience in research, development and operation of mines around the world. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, it manages mining projects in Canada, Greece, Turkey, Brazil, Serbia and Romania, and is listed on the Toronto and New York Stock Exchanges.

For MultiMiner, Hellas Gold offers test sites for the mineral exploration and mine site monitoring products developed in the project, thus contributing towards the increasing protection of the environment. 


EFTAS Remote Sensing Technology Transfer GmbH


EFTAS is an SME founded in 1988 in Münster (Germany) specialized in the development and application of innovative EO and Geoinformation technologies (GeoIT). One of the core application domains is the Raw Materials sector with RS applications for the detection of primary and secondary resources, GeoIT-based Early Warning Systems and Environmental Monitoring Systems. Recent R&D activities focus on the use of Copernicus Sensor data and services for the Raw Material sector

For MultiMiner, EFTAS coordinates the assessment of the data collection conducted within the test sites 


RHI Magnesita


RHI Magnesita is the global leader in the supply of high quality refractories. Operating for over 100 years, they have a wealth of experience in delivering essential products to the refectory industry. RHI Magnesita operates in 39 countries, and offers services in areas ranging from mining and refractories, to energy and chemistry.

Thanks to this comprehensive background and know-how, they are able to direct the MultiMiner project consortium to the most prospective areas in Eastern Alps where there is the highest chance of discovering new magnesite locations.