Celebrating Success: A Recap of the 3rd MultiMiner Progress Meeting in Greece 

We’re thrilled to share the highlights from our recent rendezvous in Greece for the third MultiMiner progress meeting, a pivotal gathering where strides in our project’s journey were celebrated and future endeavors were charted. Here’s a detailed account of our enriching experience: 

General Information and Agenda: Taking place in April 2024, our rendezvous comprised two invigorating site visits and two productive meeting days, fostering collaboration and camaraderie among our consortium members. From exploring the Kallyntiri test site to engaging in insightful sessions at Hellas Gold’s main office in Stratoni, the agenda was brimming with learning opportunities. 

Participants and Engagement: Representatives from all 13 partner organisations graced the occasion, with a total of 23 attendees in person and 24 joining online. This hybrid setup ensured inclusivity and active participation throughout our deliberations. 

Day 1: Kallyntiri Site Visit: The picturesque Kallyntiri test site set the stage for an immersive learning experience, where participants delved into the area’s geological intricacies and gained firsthand insights into its mineralisation types. Led by experts from the Hellenic Survey, the visit provided valuable context for our project’s research endeavors. 

Day 2: Meeting Sessions and Workshops: The subsequent meeting days were filled with informative sessions and engaging workshops, covering a spectrum of topics ranging from project management to technical advancements. Notable highlights included discussions on scalable mineral prospectivity tools, mineral mapping algorithms, and thematic applications related to mine site monitoring. 

Day 3: Mine Site Monitoring and Group Work: A deep dive into mine site monitoring unfolded on the third day, with comprehensive presentations on vegetation monitoring, tailings storage facility monitoring, water quality assessment, and more. Interactive workshops fostered collaborative exchanges, laying the groundwork for future initiatives and fostering a spirit of innovation. 

Day 4: Chalkidiki Site Visit: The excursion to Chalkidiki offered a captivating blend of educational insights and environmental stewardship. From exploring drill core storage facilities to witnessing the transformative impact of restoration projects, participants gained a holistic understanding of sustainable mining practices in action. 

As we bid adieu to Greece, we carry forth a renewed sense of purpose and a shared commitment to advancing the goals of the MultiMiner project. With each milestone achieved and every lesson learned, we inch closer to our collective vision of pioneering sustainable solutions in the mining industry. 

Here’s to the spirit of collaboration and exploration that defines our journey with MultiMiner – onward and upward!